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"I got the book. I loved it. My son has autism - it helped us." Deana  

"...the book gave me a platform to explain to them a very advanced concept of Grit..." Dan


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Also available at select stores: Harvard Coop, MIT Coop, Brookline BookSmith, Barnes & Noble in Kenmore Square Test

Grit: Your Child's New Favorite Motivational Book

It's important for kids to fall as that is how they learn to get back up; and to teach them that no matter what cards they were dealt, they can always succeed. That's why author Amanda Smart wrote Grit. It's a fun, illustrated, children's book about overcoming obstacles that kids, and even adults, of all ages will love. The book has a very important message: Whatever challenges come your way, don't give up!

Grit Book Cover

Although the cover of the book shows a person in a wheelchair, it's not just for those with disabilities. Amanda's book will help anyone overcome a mental, emotional, or physical challenge. It also encourages those who are struggling to seek help when they need it. Purchase your copy of Grit today.
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Also available at select stores: Harvard Coop, MIT Coop, Brookline BookSmith, Barnes & Noble in Kenmore Square


At, we want you to know, above all else, that you are never alone. That's why we are marketing this very special book that is perfect for anyone facing a challenge in life, especially children.

Amanda Smart 

Grit is written by Amanda Smart; an intelligent, determined woman who knows first-hand what it is like to face challenges. Despite the hurdles thrown her way, she does all she can to accomplish her goals — she does not want life to pass her by. "Grit has gotten me through my own experiences," she says. "I wrote this children's book because it is something that everyone needs!"

Amanda has a master's degree in human services from the University of Massachusetts and works with individuals with disabilities. She enjoys helping others and hopes to continue to do what she loves for many years to come. Amanda considers herself lucky to have a supportive family who has helped her. She currently lives in Boston, Massachusetts, and she loves to travel. She has visited parts of the world she never imagined she would.
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"Thank you for the book. I really needed a lift and Grit did that. It was special meeting you. I call that serendipity."

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